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Flag Football Rules & Regulations    


• 5 player per side, less than 4 players will result in a forfeit. You may start with 4 players

• First downs by crossing the red dotted lines

• All rosters are frozen at the start of the 4th game. Roster Max: 12 players

• All players must have played in at least 4 regular season games to be eligible for playoff games

• All teams must have the same color shirt with a number on the back.

• All jerseys/shirts must be tucked in to pants/shorts. Any player whose jersey is covering their flags or flags that are worn backwards will be penalized for flag guarding

• Points are as follow: 6 points for a touchdown, 1 pt for extra point (Run), 2 pts for extra point (Throw) Start Game Play

• Game clock will start at the designated time whether the teams are prepared or not.

• A team without 4 players to start the game will be given a 5 minute grace period, during which the game clock will run.

• If the minimum number of players arrive during the grace period, the game will begin with the team in question being penalized 10 points.

• If the minimum number of players do not arrive it will result in a forfeit of 10-0. Kickoffs

• Home team chooses: receive, kick, direction or defer

• All kickoffs are to be thrown. Kickoffs are from the first down line unless there is a penalty.

• Receiving team must have at least 3 players on the at the first red dotted line.

• The ball is live until the 2nd bounce

• If the receiving team’s player drops the ball the ball is dead where it was dropped. 

• No forward passes



• All punts are declared, No fake punts

• Punts will be thrown. Punts that land out of bounds will be spotted where they went out. Punts that land in the end zone or go out of bounds through the endzone will be considered a touch back and will be placed at the extra point line.

• The center will spike the ball to the punter from the team’s red dotted first down line

• Punter must be 3 yards behind the center

• PENATLY: Illegal Procedure- 3 yards

• Punter cannot be rushed; it is a “free kick”

• Defense must have 1 player on the line Extra Point

Punting• Extra point options: 2 points with a passing play from the 4 yd marker and 1 point for a running play from the 4 yd marker.

• The captain must tell the referee which option they will choose. If the option is changed it will cost the team a timeout

• Defense may intercept the ball and run it back for 2 points


Rules About the Clock

• The game will consist is two 25-minute halves with the clock stopped in the last minute of the 2nd half. NFL time keeping will utilized in that minute. Clock will stop on incomplete passes, out of bounds, scoring, change of possessions, and time outs. No clock stoppage if score is 10 points or more difference. (Mercy Rule)

• Clock will stop to assess a penalty in he last minute of the game if mercy rule is not in effect. However, the clock will start once the penalty has been assessed and the ball is set to start play.

• 30 second play clock is in effect throughout the entire game

• Each team will have one 30-second timeout to utilize per half.

• Half time is 1 minute long Special Rules

• Offense must have 3 players on the line of scrimmage

• The ball is dead where it hits the ground. No fumbles.

• Receivers must have 1 foot in bounds on all catches

• When a receiver makes a diving catch, he can get up and advance the ball unless he is touched by a defensive player or the ball touches the ground

• If a player inadvertently loses a flag or belt, he is downed when he is touched

• All players must have flags on or worn correctly

• NO diving to advance the ball

• Ball carrier is down when the ball touches the ground

• Inadvertent whistles: play is blown dead. Ball is spotted at most forward foot or replay of the down

• Ball is spotted where the flag is pulled, not the ball

• For a touchdown, ball and both flags must break the plane.



Equipment and Uniforms

• Rubber cleats, turf shoes or sneakers may be worn


• All teams must have matching uniforms with a number

• Football or baseball gloves are the only types of gloves that may be worn

• No Hats


Offensive Rules

• 5v5: Quarterback, Center and 3 wide receivers

• Must have at least 3 players on the line of scrimmage including the center

• All offensive players are considered eligible receivers

• Quarterback cannot run the ball

• Forward passes must be across the line of scrimmage. If not illegal forward pass- 3 yd penalty loss of down.

• If an offensive player gets pushed out of bounds, he will be able to come back in-bounds to become an eligible receiver. The offensive players just needs to have both feet in-bounds to reestablish himself. Of course, if a player goes out of bounds on his own, that will be the penalty for illegal touching


Defensive Rules

• Defender must line up head to head on the offensive player at the line to be eligible to rush the quarterback.

• No slapping at the ball when it is in the ball carriers’ hands. Penalty: Unsportsmanlike Conduct- 7 yards and automatic first down

• The defender cannot use contact to break up a pass. Penalty: Illegal Contact- 3 yards & automatic 1st down

• Contact is allowed and it must be within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage 

• Don’t make contact with the passer above the waist under any circumstances. GO FOR HIS FLAG. Penalty: 7 yards and automatic 1st down

• No defensive holding. Penalty: 3 yards from the end of the run or 3 yards from the line of scrimmage and repeat down.

• No Tackling. Penalty: 7 yards and the play

• No pushing ball carrier “out of bounds”. Penalty: 7 yards & automatic 1st down.


Guarding the Flag

• Runner shall not flag guard by using their hands, arms, or the ball to deny the opportunity for an opponent to pull the flag. Penalty: 3 yards and loss of down

Flag Guarding Includes:

o Swinging the hand or arm over the flag to prevent an opponent from de-flagging.

o Placing the ball in possession over the flag to prevent an opponent from de-flagging

o Lowering the shoulders in such a manner that the defender is shielded from the flag

o Holding the flag or belt with the off hand

o Stiff arming or running directly into the defender (bulling) Penalty: 7 yards and loss of down

o Inverted flags Penalty: Unsportsmanlike conduct- 7 yards and loss of down


Playoffs (Tie Games)

• The lower seeded team gets the ball first from their own first down line and gets 2 downs to score and go for the extra points. After that, the higher seeded team does the same. If the game is still tied, repeat process until there is a winner.



• Any fight while on the field, building or parking lot will result in suspension from the building and premises. • Verbal Abuse/Bullying to Refs, Scorekeeper or workers will result in a suspension. The suspension length will be determined by Longplex Management.

• If ejected from a game that player must exit the building immediately.


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